A Late (or Early) Retrospective


This blog is primarily stagnant, mostly trafficked by Google searches pointing to old articles where I at least gave some sort of attempt at regularly posting something. I imagine I must have had more time then-- or perhaps I didn't need to actually stop, breathe, step away from the computer and recharge a bit as much as I do these days. In any case, I don't often post personal blogs, and certainly not here; though I may have some posts snugly hiding away somewhere across the Internet. I'll never tell.

April the 13th, 2011, and still wondering where the year has gone so far. I meant to post a retrospective of the year past in January but it never happened. I still have half written blogs to continue my Alters and Overrides series hanging around unpublished, quietly waiting for their chance to be indexed. I feel reflective now, though, so here we go.

Many things have happened-- good, bad, life changing and all at once unexpected. After working at Acquia for almost two years as a Client Advisor, I quit last July and got a position as a Software Engineer, still working on Drupal sites. I'd missed not actively developing and coding as much as I liked to. That didn't last long, though-- working in an office, long commutes, and simply not "fitting in" at the new place, I took my leave and went back to consulting. I've returned to Acquia in this role, doing more development and once again being a part of a group of not only brilliant, but very cool people, who I'm proud to work alongside. With the addition of being able to work with other teams, such as the people at Drupal Construction, I feel truly blessed to have the opportunity to work on interesting and fun projects and to do them with people I respect and appreciate.

While I haven't made as many conferences, camps, or just Drupal meetups thus far this year, I hope to make my way to more soon. Drupalcon Chicago was last month. I had a great time, learned a few new tricks, but mainly I feel like it's a big (if not sometimes dysfunctional) family reunion and always great to see people I tend to only see once a year. Plus I got to walk in snow and that is always cool to me!

I'm not sure what my future holds but it's obvious Drupal will be a part of it. I still struggle with wanting to be more involved in the Drupal community but not really finding both the place to do so or the time. I've come to terms and accepted I will never be a great presenter at camps and conferences. That's okay with me, and maybe I will find a more active role for myself at some point. Maybe not.

My hands are quite full as it is with my three daughters, now 3, 5, and 7. Wow. In so many ways this journey has been all for them. While I grew up using opensource, experienced the Internet at an early age (is it almost 20 years ago now?!), and even built sites and dabbled in PHP and mySQL early on, it was never something I wanted to do as a career until I started working from home, kids underfoot, over 5 years ago. Prior to that I had no desire for a career that had anything to do with computers-- I wanted to be out in the world, or at least observing it, scribbling in notebooks or teaching English Literature. While this isn't a place I envisioned I would be, it's a place that fits me and I'm quite happy with that.

Cheers to you, 2010 and 1/3rd of 2011. I'm looking forward to the things to come, both personally and professionally. In the near future, I leave next week to visit the Acquia offices in Woburn and look forward to staying with my sister there. The years of living in a way too small apartment are nearing an end as we shop houses to rent, the Litter Robot is finally here and set up to ease of the pain of two poopy cats who keep me company during the days working from home, my new 27" iMac is finally all set up and beautiful to work in front of, and things are falling into a more steady pace. This is good.

I just wish I didn't drink the last of my Starbucks vanilla iced latte in writing this. Oh delivery coffee service, why do you not exist?

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